Case Study for Evergreen Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency

One of the biggest obstacles facing marketing agencies is how to efficiently and accurately manage multiple clients, with each client having potentially dozens of projects, hundreds of tasks, and hard deadlines that must be met.

The Situation

Evergreen Marketing was providing digital marketing services for up to 20 different clients simultaneously. Evergreen Marketing had 3 internal employees who worked onsite at the company’s office and 4 remote contractors that were hired on a per project basis. The challenge Evergreen Marketing faced was how to effectively manage projects for up to 20 clients simultaneously and the people who worked on them, so everyone always had real-time access to the most recent project status updates and everyone knew exactly what tasks they needed to complete each day and in what order.

To manage projects from a centralized location where everyone had access to the same project information, Evergreen Marketing was using a Google Docs spreadsheet system for each client that listed each project, its associated tasks, the employee or contractor responsible for completing each task, and the deadline date each task needed to be completed. Unfortunately, this system was prone to errors, adding client feedback was difficult, and it was inefficient. To solve this issue Evergreen Marketing searched for an online project management solution, and they found

The Solution

Hitask was a perfect solution as it made setting up client projects, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and sharing comments and feedback in real-time across different devices incredibly easy. What was best is that Hitask is very easy to use and efficient. Within about 15 minutes of exploring Hitask, each of Evergreen’s employees and remote contractors understood how to use the system.

Evergreen’s clients were also pleased with Evergreen’s new workflow of using Hitask. Now they could see their specific projects and tasks in Hitask, they could always see the most up-to-date status of their projects and tasks, and they could provide notes and feedback, which would automatically be sent to all of the people working on their specific projects and tasks. This automated instant feedback system helped to significantly increase Evergreen’s productivity and the speed in which they are able to complete projects for their clients. This lowered Evergreen’s expenses and increased their profits by a solid 15%. It also made their clients happier with Evergreen’s services as they felt more involved and they liked the transparency of knowing exactly what projects and tasks were being worked on and the status of each task.

Evergreen’s results were achieved by using these features found in Hitask:

  • Hierarchical tasks and projects. This allows Evergreen team members to create a project hierarchy, assigning task pipelines with their own sub-tasks and allowing team members to easily attach documents.
  • Task assignments with automatic notifications. Tasks assigned to team members are automatically tracked. If a deadline timeframe is missed, all parties involved with that task, as well as the manager, are automatically notified. When a task is completed, all involved parties are automatically notified.
  • Time Tracking. All team members can easily record their time spent on each individual task. This time data later can be exported as a report on a per-project basis, and can be used for client accounting and billing.
  • Reporting. In addition to Time Tracking reports, there are also reports available to detail the progress of projects and tasks by team member.